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New in the Salon: Kevin Murphy Killer.Curls

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Introducing Kevin Murphys Killer.Curls.
Kevin Murphy Killer.Curls, unleash your curls' potential.

We are always striving to provide the best salon-quality products out there for all of our current and future clientele, so when we get a new product in, we just have to rave about it! We are pleased to announce that as a Kevin Murphy salon, we now have our hands on their newest product launch by Kevin Murphy Killer.Curls!

This new product, is targeted to our curly and wavy-haired clients! It is a hydrating and nourishing product line meant to enhance curl patterns without being greasy! This curl regimen features nourishing vegan and organic oat milk that deeply hydrates each curl to give you a more defined curl pattern. Not only is this product great for redefining hair textures, but it also aids your hair to air dry beautifully! All my curly girls out there know that a product you reach for needs to have smoothing agents to aid in the reduction of frizz, and this is your product!

Along with organic oat milk, this product line also includes Avocado Oil in the Killer Curls Rinse that delivers a potent antioxidant high in fatty acids for protection and even more moisture with Castor Seed Oil to lock in that moisture!

With every Kevin Murphy product, you will find unbeatable customization for all of your hair needs. We have products tailored for many hair needs ranging from volumizing, smoothing, thickening, and strengthening! Now with our specific curly clients covered, say goodbye to unmanageable frizzy curls and stop by our salon to get your hands on this new gem!

''Just as curly and wavy hair is personal, so too is the combination of products needed to keep it just so. I wanted to create a regimen to help define, enhance, and refine textured hair with ingredients that helped create a great air-dried look. I developed this new set of KILLER.CURL products with every uniquely textured head of hair in mind, from curls at 2a all the way to coils at 4c.'' -Kevin Murphy

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