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3 Major Perks of Being a M&C Babe!

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

A group of stylists standing next to the salon owner Mykala.
We love working at Mykala and Co!

Here at Mykala and Co Salon, we pride ourselves on creating the desirable work environment many stylists are searching for! Being a commission salon, we have the ability to offer many perks to all of our employees ranging from unlimited education, annual bonuses, weekly bonuses, quarterly challenges, complimentary drinks and snacks, weekly paychecks, maternity leave with pay, flexible scheduling, very competitive pay, free hair services, business classes, product discounts and an extension discount on our hair extension line; Golden Strands Extensions!

Huge perk 1: Our Education Program

Mykala Bowlby applying foils to a mannequin during a class.
Mykala instructing a foiling technique on a mannequin.

Many stylists right out of Cosmetology school can tend to feel a little lost in the industry, not knowing where exactly to start. From building a solid clientele to learning the most advanced techniques to provide in your service menu, it can be very daunting to choose exactly where you want to start! At our salon, we have created an in-depth Assistant Program that helps guide any new stylists with a road map to follow! On top of that, we also host many top-of-the-industry educators to come in and teach advanced stills to everyone in our salon. These classes can range from advanced cutting techniques to advanced coloring techniques and also includes in-depth color theory and general business classes. We have hosted @bescene, @mycoloristleland and @_cole_thompson and countless more in the last year!

Perk 2: Bonuses

One of our major important principles we have at our salon is the appreciation we have for all of our stylists. Without all of the amazing girls in our salon, we wouldn't be the business we are today! On top of ensuring all of our stylists feel that they are achieving their career goals and milestones, we also want to show our sincere personal appreciation! We have created a slew of bonus opportunities available to all of our stylists to recognize all of their hard work and dedication! Weekly bonuses up to $75 a week, that's ~$4k per year on weekly bonuses a year! Quarterly Challenges, up to $500 prizes! Annual bonuses up to $1k per year!

Perk 3: Our Custom Extension Discount

Mykala applying touch up makeup during a photoshoot.
Mykala the owner applying makeup touch-ups to salon Manager Jess during a photo shoot!

At Mykala and Co Salon, we are the headquarters of our very own extensions line, Golden Strands Extensions; made with love and passion by our owner Mykala! Her time and dedication and major investment toward creating her hairline mean all the girls have access to in-stock hair for all of our clients on demand, as well as our stylists! Working in a hair salon with a full extension line definitely comes with a high desire from our stylists to get extensions, whether you have had them before or it's your first time! Being a stylist at M&C, you get the fantastic perk of having a stylist discount on the hairline with easy weekly payments! If you are a client at our salon, you know that all of our girls have extensions and are constantly changing their hair, so having our in-house discount comes at a huge advantage saving us thousands of dollars!

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