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Ultimate guide for sleeping with hair Extensions!

This one is for all my extension wearers out there! One of the most vital steps in keeping the integrity of your extensions is your at home care, but more specifically how you are prepping your hair before you go to sleep at night! Caring for your extensions before you check out for the night not only helps the integrity of your extensions, but can vastly help prolong your curls until your next wash day! (who doesn't want their curls to last as long as possible?!)

When we break down what the most important tips are in your bedtime routine for your extensions, we are looking at pretty easy steps to follow and incorporate into that relaxing routine!

Get A Silk Pillowcase!

This is probably one of the most important tips we will talk about today! While you are sleeping, you are subconsciously rolling around tossing and turning, in turn causing friction to your hair. Purchasing a silk pillow case and sleeping with it every night can help minimize any damage caused from friction and help your wefts stay in place where they are meant to lay naturally and avoid matting! There is nothing scarier than waking up and having a huge rats nest in your hair and not being able to remove it which turns into a spontaneous trip to your hairstylist for help! We want to ensure the health of your extensions and natural hair, so we highly recommend this tip! We sell amazing pillowcases in salon at Mykala and Co!

Sleep in a Protective Style!

As I mentioned above, while you are sleeping you are causing the most friction on your extensions! Sleeping in a proactive style like a low braid or a low ponytail will help keep the cuticle of your extensions laying in the direction it is meant to and will help extend your style overnight so you can wake up, take your protective style out and hit the road in record time! If you find yourself sleeping with your hair down at night, you might start to experience the integrity of your extensions are vastly different from when your stylist first installed them. They can lose their shine, smoothness and ever cause a loss of density which will make your hair feel thinner! Take this easy step at night and watch your investment last!

Oil, Oil, Oil!!

We can't express this one enough; make sure you are applying salon-quality hair oil on your extensions before going to sleep! We recommend oiling your extensions once in the morning and once before sleep, but your nighttime application is highly important! Hydration is the number one factor when it comes to the strength of your extensions. If you are skipping the oil all together, you will quickly see more split ends and dryness on your extensions, causing a dull and brittle look that no one wants! Just a little bit of oil twice a day will ensure the shine and fullness every extension user is after! (Not to mention it is great for your natural hair as well!)

Get to Brushing!

This last tip is probably a no-brainer, right? Brushing your hair is something so easy that you've been doing all your life! Something that many people new to extensions don't realize is you can't brush your hair like you've been used to doing before getting extensions. Now that you have what is technically a foreign object in your hair, you have to gently navigate around them to minimize discomfort and harm to your extensions! Going too long in between brushing your hair can start to cause matting at the base of your weft, and this can also be caused by improper brushing! When brushing your extensions, place a hand at the top of your weft by your scalp and gently start brushing from the very ends of your hair and work your way up to your end! If you do encounter a larger tangle that your brush can't work through, grab your handy detangler (we recommend 7 Seconds Detangler by Unite) and spray a little bit directly on the tangle and finger comb it out. This minimizes tension to your wefts and eliminates any breakage that could come from just your brush! Make sure to thoroughly brush your hair before bed before putting it up for the night and you will see incredible results!

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