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A Guide For Choosing Your Perfect Haircolor

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Have you ever noticed how a subtle shift in your hair color can drastically change your appearance? Whether that's brightening your appearance to creating a duller appearance, the tone of hair color you choose can create an entirely different outcome with your overall appearance! Here is a simple guide you can use to find your most complimentary hair color for your next appointment! Let's dive in to find your perfect haircolor!

Establishing Your Skins Undertone

A guide to undertones.
Undertone guide!

There are three skin undertone categories that you could fall under; warm, cool, or neutral. There are a few ways you can determine what your undertone is by simply paying attention to your everyday life!

• When you are out in the sun, do you notice that your skin turns red and you are more prone to sunburns? You most likely have a cool undertone to your skin. Do you tan easily with minimal redness/sunburn? You most likely have a warmer undertone! If you find yourself somewhere in the middle of both of those, you guessed it, you most likely have a neutral undertone!

• The color of your veins can be an easy indicator of what your true undertone is as well! Look at the veins on your wrist and see if you have green veins or blue/purple veins. Green indicates that you have a more warm undertone to your skin whereas blue and purple can indicate that you have a cooler undertone! If you can't definitively identify the color of your veins, you have a more neutral undertone.

• When you have on a white shirt, do you notice your complexion looks more yellow? This means you have a warm undertone. If you notice a more blushed and rosy appearance in your skin, then you have a cool undertone. Don't really see a yellow or rosy color? You fit into the neutral category!

Finding Your Perfect Haircolor

Model wearing Golden Strands Extensions.
Model wearing Golden Strands Extensions.

Now that you have figured out what your skin's undertone is, we can dive into finding the perfect hair color to compliment your skin tone!

• If you have fair skin with a warm undertone, we recommend staying on the more neutral to golden undertones when choosing your hair color! If you were to choose a cooler or ashier tone, it could result in a more dull appearance to your skin and could possibly make you look under the weather!

• For those of you with darker hair and fair skin, we recommend staying on the warmer side with your hair color! (Think chocolate brown, caramel, or golden brown.) These colors will bring the warmth out of your skin creating the illusion that you are glowing!

• If you have a warm undertone to your skin, you want to stay in the neutral to cooler tones! This creates a balance between your skin tone and your hair color, making your appearance look well-balanced instead of making you look too yellow if you chose a warmer tone of hair color.

• Those of you who have fair skin with a cool undertone should be more careful when choosing your hair color! A lot of times, these people find that ashier/icy tones of hair color can complement a porcelain skin tone, and we agree! If you are wanting a more impactful color, we recommend trying a cool shade of red or a deep purple tone if you are looking to enhance your complexion!

• If you find that you have medium skin with a warmer complexion, a slightly warmer shade will work wonders for bringing out your tan! Think honey brown and caramel highlights!

If you find yourself struggling to determine how to pair a hair color with your skin undertone, schedule a consultation with your hairstylist and have them educate and guide you through the process so you can start finding hair color inspiration for your next appointment! There are so many different custom colors you can choose from to fit your skin complexion and enhance your natural beauty to feel confident and beautiful in your skin! Check out our guide on sun lotion next!

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