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How to care for your hair once you start aging!

As we all know, our hair goes through many stages of change throughout our lives. From having baby hair when we're born to those little annoying sparkles that pop up that we call grey hair, your hair is in a constant cycle of change! As your hair does change, you might find that you need to take care of it differently in each stage. One of the most common questions we are asked in the hair industry is how our clients can make their hair look and feel better when they start developing grey hair! Here are our 3 top tips to care for your hair when you start experiencing your hair aging!

Moisturizing is KEY!

I'm sure all of you out there that have grey hair can confirm that your hair texture has changed. Grey hair naturally has a coarser texture than pigmented hair. Grey hair can also naturally feel drier and more brittle, so we recommend incorporating hydration into your routine! Just like your skin, aging hair needs extra moisture! Try using the Kevin Murphy Hydrating Mask once a week and feel your hair come back to life!

Get regular trims!

Visiting the salon every 6-8 weeks for a trim can significantly improve the appearance of your aging hair! This promotes healthy hair growth and helps maintain a more youthful look to your hairstyle by maintaining thicker-looking ends, as well as removing frizz caused by split ends!

Avoid products that contain high alcohol content!

One of the most common things people experience while their hair starts to age is how much harder it is for their hairstyles to last. Normally, our first thought is to use a strong hold hairspray in hopes that it would help. Unfortunately, this could be hurting your hair! Typically strong hold products contain a high level of alcohol in them which could be drying out your hair! Try using a light-hold hairspray on your freshly styled hair to avoid that overly dry feeling while having the ability to extend your style in between washes! Check out our assortment in salon, or view our products online.

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