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Due to increased Demand- Please Read.

I wanted to start off and say, THANK YOU, to everyone who has been to our salon. You are the reason we work so hard to get all of our clients seen with as minimal wait as possible and provide you with the best results when your appointment date does occur.

Although we are super appreciative of all the interest and demand we have at our salon, we are no longer able to accommodate every service appointment that is requested.

I would like to remind everyone that we are a hair coloring and extension specialized salon. With this in mind, we are no longer able to accept new haircut only appointments. Any initial visit to the salon that includes a haircut, will need to be booked with a color service. You will see this reflected in our online booking and our services page immediately. if you are already a client, please discuss with your stylist at your next appointment. We are doing our best to make sure you are still covered with an amazing stylist!

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