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BOING and re-BOING!BOING™ Curl Leave-In de-tangles, protects and refreshes curly hair by delivering moisture-retaining proteins and vitamins deep into hair roots, leaving hair hydrated, shiny and frizz-free.Great for all curl typesAids in thermal and UV protectionThree in one: Pre-style, protect, and restyle

Thermal-protecting minerals to seal moisture in and keep frizz out
Plant Source Vitamins and Oils to replenish and retain moisture for curl control
Rice Proteins to strengthen and protect each strand

Unite Boing Curl Leave-In

SKU: 780199


  • Following BOING™ Curl Shampoo and Conditioner. Spray Leave-In on damp hair and gently comb to distribute through to ends. Do not rinse. Finish with BOING™ styling products. Leave-In can also be used on dry hair to re-BOING and refresh curls.

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