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Summertime haircare Tips!

Summer is the season filled with all kinds of activities - vacations, pool days, and camping trips! With all the fun things that summer has to offer, it can be one of the most important times of the year to make sure you are taking extra steps to care for your hair. Summer is full of chlorine, sunscreens, and hot weather which can all affect your hair health. Here are some easy tips to incorporate into your summertime hair routine!

Protection from UVA & UVB rays: Everyone has heard that you need to apply sunscreen every day, especially if you are out in the sun for long periods of time. More times than not, your hair is overlooked when thinking about sun damage! Overexposure from the sun can not only cause damage to your skin, but it can especially hurt your hair. When planning a fun day in the sun: 1) Wear your hair in a protective style (think braids or a low bun).

2) Wear sunscreen which is recommended by a licensed professional. 3) Use a UV protection product. We love Kevin.Murphy's Heated Defense.

4) Wear a hat to avoid as much exposure to your hair as possible.

Pro tip for all of our extensions lovers out there: Many sunscreens out there contain Avobenzine which creates a chemical reaction with hair extensions and can turn them peachy-pink in color! When choosing a sunscreen, try to find a product that is Avobenzine free and your hair investment will thank you!

Hydration: During the summer months, it is important that we are staying hydrated. Your hair is a result of the health of your body. The biggest factor for your health is to eat quality foods and drink plenty of water. I recommend taking half your body weight (in lbs.) and converting that to ounces. In this example if I was 160 pounds, I would want to drink ~80 oz of water. If you can shoot for a gallon each day! Staying hydrated is important in all seasons, however paying special attention during the summer months is crucial for beautiful, healthy hair! Pairing that with your favorite hair oil/serum on a regular basis will help prevent your hair from becoming dry, which can lead to split ends and an unhealthy scalp! We suggest Unite U Oil available here.

Swimming: There is nothing better than the feeling of jumping into cold water on a hot day, right? Whether that's your favorite water park or a day on the lake, chlorine and saltwater are one of the leading causes of breakage in the summer months. Before swimming, make sure to get your hair fully wet and apply your favorite leave-in conditioner/mask then put your hair into a low braid or a loose bun to help prevent your hair from soaking up too much chlorine or salt water! When you are finished with your fun day out in the sun, wash your hair with a gentle clarifying shampoo and finish with a hydrating mask to make sure you are fully removing the chlorine or salt water from your hair before it fully dries!

With the right approach, you can go about your summer months not worrying about the integrity of your hair and fully enjoy all the wonderful things that summer has to offer!


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