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Most common mistakes you could be making to prevent hair growth

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

1. Cleansing your hair too much.

There are many reasons you shouldn't be washing your hair every day. From drying out your scalp to roughing up your cuticle, overwashing your hair prevents the natural oils that you produce from coating and protecting the ends of your hair to help minimize the risk of split ends. Pro tip: opt out of washing your hair every day by purchasing a good quality dry shampoo and applying the product to freshly cleansed hair to absorb the natural oils from your scalp as they are produced!

2. Too much heat.

There's nothing wrong with using heat tools to style your hair at home! Using the correct heat temperature and heat protectant products can significantly decrease the risk of damage from your heat tools and give you a beautiful style that can last until your next wash day! However, using your heat tools too often can cause fragile and brittle hair that will most likely cause damage to the overall health of your hair and make styling your hair 10x harder in the long run! Pro tip: schedule your hairstyles for each day in between your hair washes! Start with a style that can last you a few days (think beach waves from a curling iron), then move on to a cute half-up style and end with a sleek low bun! Add your favorite hair oils and leave-in products for added protection and shine throughout each hairstyle!

3. Changing your haircare products and routine too often.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that buying a new haircare product/ product line can be a pretty exciting thing that we can't wait to crack open right when we get home, right? Well, you want to be careful with how often you're changing up your hair care products. Consistency is key in seeing noticeable hair growth and desired hair goals. If you are constantly switching products every month, you aren't giving the products ample time to benefit your hair and to see noticeable changes. Pro tip: try sticking to a hair care routine with products that have been recommended to you by a licensed professional that are tailored to your specific hair type and hair needs, and use those products for at least 3 to four months to see visible results!

4. Too much tension.

How many of you have found yourself scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest and seeing all kinds of tight pony-tails and slicked-back hairstyles that are trending right now? Many people think no heat equals no damage, but overusing tight ponytails or even messy buns can cause excessive hair strain if you are frequently using these hairstyles as well! Pro tip: if you're in a position where you have to pull your hair back often in a tight hairstyle, invest in some hair scrunchies to avoid excess tension and switch up your hairstyles so your hair can have a break from the same styles and have the best chance for avoiding tension breakage!

5. Protection from the sun.

Everyone has heard the golden rule that you need to be applying sunscreen to your skin every day, rain or shine. How many of you have heard that this also applies to your hair? Your hair and skin are made up of the same protein, Keratin. UVA and UVB rays from the sun can be particularly harmful to your hair causing dry, brittle hair that can be very hard to reverse. Pro tip: if you know you're going to be out in the sun for a long period of time, try wearing a hat and using products with UVA and UVB protection to aid in maintaining your healthy hair while still being able to enjoy all the fun activities you enjoy doing! Our favorite is Kevin.Murphy's Heated defense!

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