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How to prep your hair for your upcoming color service!

When scheduling a hair coloring appointment with your stylist, there are a few key steps you should do to prep your hair before your appointment to ensure the best outcome with your color! Making sure to follow these simple tips will drastically make your coloring appointment easier not only for you but your stylist as well.

I'm sure we have all heard that coming to your hair appointment with unwashed hair is the best right? Some stylists out there would agree with that and tell you that it creates a protective barrier for your hair during the coloring process which is absolutely true! Having that barrier of natural oils or product buildup on your hair does create a barrier on your hair, but this could be affecting how your color takes to your hair!

When coloring your hair, if there is a layer that is in between your hair and the color that is being applied, the color usually doesn't take as well because it has to work harder to penetrate into your hair follicle. The best way to maximize your desired outcome is to come to your hair appointment with second or third day hair with very minimal product in your hair! You want to make sure you aren't coming with freshly washed hair as there might be micro-abrasions on your scalp from scrubbing and this can cause discomfort during your hair appointment!

One major benefit to having so many social media platforms is you never have any trouble finding new hair inspirations for your next hair appointment! One of the best tools that a client can utilize that will automatically help you and your stylist achieve consensus for what you want your hair to look like after your appointment is finished is bringing in hair inspiration photos! Having a visual representation of what your desired end result is can help guide your stylist to know what you like and don't like and be able to pinpoint what techniques they should utilize for you!

The last tip that we have for our clients is to make sure you are wearing something you feel confident in! This might seem like a random tip, but clients coming into the salon looking for a major transformation (think black to blonde hair) can sometimes be shocked when they see their new hair. Your hair color can drastically change your appearance which is amazing, but it can definitely take a moment to get used to! Ensuring that you are wearing something that you feel confident and beautiful in will help you feel more like yourself so you can focus on your new beautiful hair color! It also can help with any photos your stylist takes to make your hair pop and give the photo better appeal. For all you blondes out there, try wearing a dark or neutral-colored top and I suggest my brunette girls to wear a white or lighter-colored neutral top! This will make your hair pop with the contrast in your post-appointment photos and keep your hair the center of attention! With these few tips, you can expect a smooth and stress-free appointment with your stylist!

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