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How to maximize your hair growth

If you clicked on this blog post, you're probably on the hunt for all the answers on how to grow your hair as long as possible and in a fast way. Growing your hair can be a long process for most. On average your hair naturally grows about 1/2 an inch per month. This amount can fluctuate from person to person depending on a number of things. Hair growth is determined mainly by your diet, hormones, genetics, age and all around health. What you consume and how you care for yourself are the number one factors to consider when attempting to grow your hair!

I'm sure we have all seen advertisements selling a magic hair growth serum or regimen you should purchase to grow your hair basically overnight. Unfortunately, these products won't have much effect on how fast your hair grows if that is the only thing you are using to achieve your desired end result. Hair grows from inside your body, so be mindful of what you are putting in your body!

Hair growth vitamins can considerably aid in the growth of your hair along with a healthy diet, but these lifestyle choices might not be enough to maximize your growth potential! A great first step when looking into taking any form of supplement is to consult with your doctor and check all of your vitamin levels! This way you are the healthiest your body can possibly be and you can start seeing those amazing hair growth results that you've been dreaming of!

Now that you've narrowed down what supplements you should be taking, take a look in your hair product cabinet! Are you using products that are tailored to your specific hair type? Using products that might not be suitable for your hair type can drastically affect how your hair feels, and can start causing unwanted dryness and possibly split ends. Need a little guidance on what products you should be using? We recommend going into a salon and speaking with a licensed stylist who can point out the perfect products for you! A good rule of thumb is to always have shampoo and conditioner for your hair type, a leave in product like a detangler that has heat protection, and an oil that is good to use once a day!

Our last tip is a big one; make sure you are gentle on your hair when its wet! Our hair when it's wet is at its most fragile state due to the cortex of your hair strand being filled with water. Especially if you have color treated hair, you need to be cautious of how hard you are brushing your hair! Using products like Unite 7 seconds detangler when your hair is wet before you are detangling your hair will help your brush or comb glide through any knots or tangles you might have after you get out of the shower, minimizing the tension on your wet hair! If you are looking for a gentle option for brushing your hair, try using a wet brush or a wide tooth comb on heavily towel-dried hair, working your brush/comb from the ends of your hair all the way to your scalp until your hair is tangle free!

Of course there are many other ways to aid in the growth of your hair, but we have found that these few tips and techniques have significantly helped in the health of many people's hair, in turn causing amazing hair growth results! Including these few tips in your daily routine will have you seeing significant hair growth at an amazing pace! Try them out and see all of your hair dreams come true!

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